Can you relate to any of these?

  • You want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry to further your professional goals but you're confused about what to say to position yourself.

  • You want to be authentic in person and online, but you struggle with what that even looks like for yourself, how to define what you stand for, and how to build your personal brand. 

  • You're unclear about what your message should be when talking to clients, customers, or new connections about yourself, so you keep trying different things that don't seem to connect with your audience.

  • You spend tons of time dabbling on different social media platforms, but you have no real plan or strategy for building your personal brand and nothing seems to work. 

  • You know your personal brand presence online needs an overhaul, but you're not even sure where to begin. 

  • You're leading a great team and you know they're using social media but you're not sure how your team members' online personal brands reflect on your company's brand.  

If any of those situations sound familiar to you then I know you're frustrated. I've been there myself and I know it can seem like you just keep spinning your wheels but never really make any forward progress. 

There is a solution. 

It begins with first defining your brand. How do you see your brand? How do others see your brand? How can you align both of these with how you want to be seen by your audience? 

Once you define your brand you can build a plan for making sure everything your brand conveys in person and online points toward the goals you want to achieve - a successful business, a promotion, a leadership position in your company, a more effective team whose personal brands align with and support the company values and mission. It all begins with a solid understanding of your brand,  your brand message, and a plan for building a personal brand that is clear, consistent, and authentic.

Certainly you can try to do this work on your own. But being inside your own head and trying to gain objective insight on your brand and develop a sound strategy for it can be tough. And being unsure of the direction to take or where to start can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort that leaves you feeling completely frustrated. 

This is where I can help.

I'm Diane Diaz and as a self-proclaimed brand geek I live and breathe personal branding. Through my company The Brand Teacher I teach professionals and entrepreneurs how to unleash the power of their personal brands so they can be rockstars in their business or career and I work with companies to ensure that their employees' brands support the company mission and values.  

I believe that people are capable of so much more than they even realize and that the foundation for achieving their business or career goals is a strong, consistent, and authentic personal brand. I've been working in marketing for nearly 25 years, from my beginning days in market research including recruiting focus groups and interpreting television research, to my nine years as a marketing director for a land developer managing all aspects of branding and marketing, to my current role teaching branding and marketing classes at a university while also running my business The Brand Teacher. Through my varied experience I'm able to work with individuals one-on-one and with companies and their teams via in-person workshops to help them discover their authentic brands and convey them clearly and consistently online so they stand out from competitors and connect with their audience to help them achieve their goals. 

So don't waste any more time.

Let's take your business or career to the next level with a strategy to deliver a clear, consistent, and authentic brand that connects with your audience and achieves your goals! Contact me today! 


What Others Are Saying:

sarah gillis.jpeg

"Working with Diane to uncover my personal brand was enlightening and empowering. We blew away the dust and cobwebs through a structured process to find my main archetypes, and then built our language around those. This has made me feel more confident and aligned.

Diane's knowledge and skills around Linked In have been invaluable, demystifying it and showing how to use the platform to showcase my expertise.

The icing on the cake is of course that Diane is a pleasure to work with, friendly, insightful, organised and flexible. 

The value received in Diane's package was incredible and I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to discover or uncover their personal brand and the present it to the world!"


Sarah Gillis

Aspire Australia 


"Diane Diaz is a true Brand Teacher. From our first conversation I was impressed at how personable she was and found that working with her had the ease of a friendship along with the benefits of a professional relationship. What was most impressive and unexpected was how willing she was to share tips and advise to help me move towards my 

goal of becoming a speaker. In fact, during the first weeks of working with Diane I secured my very first keynote offer and have received several offers to speak since then. 
I loved that Diane was always on time to our meetings and made meetings via the web seemless and effortless. When she had to handle my LinkedIn account, I always felt that my personal information was handled with security and privacy as a top priority. 
Her follow through was impeccable and I believe it's what made me feel like Diane always exceeded my expectations. 
Her strategy in helping me define and create my brand was so enjoyable that I look forward to working with her in the future. I know she will be a very valuable resource as I continue to grow in my career.


Kizzy Ferrer, Assistant Project Manager

Boyer Building Corp. 


"I am so glad I decided to work with Diane on my personal brand. In one short, but deep session it became totally apparent that the word "connector" that I'd been toying around with for some time was actually spot on and applicable to all the areas I'm most successful in and happiest doing. I highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get Diane's expert, outside perspective!"


Vanessa Soto

Digital Marketing Acquisition and Life + Career Coach