May 18, 2016

Have you hear the term "influencer marketing" but you're not sure what it means? Are you interested in understanding how to leverage influencers for your business or brand? Here's a great article from the Full Sail University blog where I talk about some of the basics of effectively using influencer marketing. Check out Influencer Marketing 101

May 4, 2016

Have you ever really sat down to think about what you stand for? I’m not talking about your political or religious beliefs, which of course are important. What I mean is have you ever given serious thought to how you want other people to see you as a brand?

If my question now has you confused because you think “well, I’m a person, not a brand”, then you might want to continue reading because I’m about to rock your world. You, my friend, are a brand! There, I said it.

You, the person, the human with a heart and soul, are a brand! Just like Starbucks, just like Nike, just like Lady Gaga you, too, are a brand. So it’s high time you started acting like o...

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