August 13, 2017

So many times when I speak with my clients and other professionals and entrepreneurs I meet, they tell me how they need to work on their personal brands because they're either starting a business or shifting careers. And then they confess that they don’t really know where to even start. It can be overwhelming to think about how your personal brand comes across in person and online, whether or not it’s working for you or against you, if your personal brand is establishing you as a thought leader, and if your personal brand will help you reach your goals. Then add in the fact that you have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, your we...

February 9, 2017

A desire for a career change can have you asking what’s the first step? How do I reinvent myself into something new while not throwing away my years of experience in my current career or industry? How does what I do now translate to what I want to do? Today I’m sharing with you 10 tips, based on my experience and my knowledge of personal branding, to get you started on your road to a more fulfilling career and life. Let’s jump in!

January 25, 2017

As we launch into a new year you've probably made some kind of New Year’s resolution, even if that’s not what you call it. Whether you call it a New Year’s resolution or a goal, more than likely you have something big that you’re trying to achieve. And this something big may really push you outside your comfort zone.

You might be embarking on a new challenge like starting a business. Or maybe you’re taking on public speaking for the first time. Perhaps you’re striving for a big promotion or leadership role. Whatever the goals you've set they may seem huge and out of


I’m here to tell you that YOU are capable of so much more than you e...

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!! Well, it’s a new year and just like me you probably have a lot of plans for yourself, your business, or your career (or all of the above!) that you want to make happen during this blank slate of a new year.

Maybe you work for a great company but you have your eye on a bigger role in the company. You really want to make an impression that you’re someone who’s up to the challenge of leading your team or running a division. You want to position yourself as someone who’s ready for more.

Maybe you just started your own business and you’re trying to get known and get the word out about who you are and what you offer. You want to c...

August 23, 2016

You might have read that headline and thought, this chick is crazy! Of course my logo is my brand, I paid a lot of money to have a cool logo designed. Well, stick with me so I can explain. Let me set the stage. You have an idea for a business. You’ve run it past some people, possibly friends or even fellow entrepreneurs, you’ve defined your ideal client, had some conversations with real people who might be your ideal client, come up with a great name, and you’re pretty sure your idea is viable. You’re ready for the next step in getting your baby off the ground and out into the world. So now you run out and hire a designer to create a really cool lo...

June 3, 2016

By now almost everyone knows that they should have a LinkedIn profile. I say “almost” everyone because I know there are still some out there who think LinkedIn is not necessary or who think their customers, clients, or audience aren’t on LinkedIn. If you’re in one of those two groups let me just say please get with it! I’m joking, sort of. I firmly believe that anyone in business today should have a LinkedIn profile. And I’ll be writing a separate post to explain that more fully. But for now I’ll focus on my top 5 tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile.

Tip #1: Have a complete LinkedIn profile

My top tip for how you can get the most mileage out of...

May 4, 2016

Have you ever really sat down to think about what you stand for? I’m not talking about your political or religious beliefs, which of course are important. What I mean is have you ever given serious thought to how you want other people to see you as a brand?

If my question now has you confused because you think “well, I’m a person, not a brand”, then you might want to continue reading because I’m about to rock your world. You, my friend, are a brand! There, I said it.

You, the person, the human with a heart and soul, are a brand! Just like Starbucks, just like Nike, just like Lady Gaga you, too, are a brand. So it’s high time you started acting like o...

March 5, 2016


Understanding how to build and develop your personal brand is important for just about everyone, from professionals, to entrepreneurs, to students. 


Although this blog post and video are from a couple of years ago, the guidelines shared by me and my colleagues are still very relevant. 


Have a look at How to Build Your Personal Brand

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