Diane Diaz The Brand Teacher

My Story

My 15 years working in the corporate world makes me uniquely qualified to understand the concerns and challenges that executives and professionals face in establishing themselves as leaders in their industries. And building and conveying a clear and consistent personal brand can really set them apart from their competitors.


As a CultureTalk Certified Partner in using Archetypes to build your personal brand, I'll help you find the clarity you're seeking to define your personal brand values, stories, beliefs, and more so you can create and convey a personal brand that helps you reach your goals.


I'm Diane Diaz, The Brand Teacher
And I have a true passion for teaching people how to build their personal brands that was developed through years of building my own personal brand across several career shifts.


After 15 years in the marketing field, the last 9 of which were in real estate, I was laid off and had to figure out what was next for me. Talk about a career shift! That's when I became a teacher at the university where I now teach. Branding myself as a teacher was a far cry from branding myself as a corporate marketer. Then, in March 2016 while still teaching, I started my consulting business, The Brand Teacher, and rebranded myself yet again as a business owner and consultant. I know first hand how scary, frustrating, and overwhelming it can be to brand yourself to attract your dream job or clients. 

One thing that has helped me stand out when these major career shifts happened is my personal brand presence. It's so important to understand how to position yourself when you're looking to switch careers or industries or to start a business. How your personal brand is perceived can be the difference between blending in and hearing crickets or standing out and attracting your dream job or clients. 

Fun facts about me . . . 

  • I'm a health and fitness nut and love a good, tough workout

  • I used to do triathlons and in 2013 completed the Florida Ironman

  • I love to learn, I'm a research junkie, and I'm reading at least 5 books at any given time

  • I am a HUGE fan of peanut butter and don't buy it anymore because I cannot be trusted to not eat the entire jar in one sitting!! :-)

Are you ready to gain an unfair advantage over others in your industry through clear, consistent, and authentic personal branding?


Let's do this!