Personal Brand Action Plan & Coaching

Then let's work together to define & convey your authentic personal brand online so you can attract your ideal clients, customers, or employers and build your dream business or career. 

Here's what's included in this comprehensive package:

  • Get clarity on who you are, what you do, & why it matters to your audience - We'll uncover your unique personal brand essence by pulling out your personal brand stories, defining your belief statements, compiling your personal brand word wall, and crafting a personal brand tagline to build a foundation for how you message and talk about yourself and what you do in a way that is uniquely you. 

  • Build your personal brand through a clearly defined strategy - I'll conduct a detailed review of your online personal brand presence and outline a specific strategy for how to position yourself on the various online platforms in a way that positions you as a thought leader in your industry and connects with your ideal target audience. 

  • Get found by and connect with your ideal client or employers - I'll write detailed copy, (that you'll get to review and edit or approve) for your online personal brand presence on LinkedIn and create consistent bios for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that your presence on these platforms aligns with your goals and is optimized to get you found by your ideal clients, customers, and employers. 

  • Gain confidence through coaching - Together we'll review your personal brand strategy and best practices for getting the most impact out of your newly refreshed and optimized online presence so you can connect with the right people in the right way to reach your goals. 

This package also includes: 

  • Deep dive virtual sessions conducted on the Zoom platform where we focus on your personal brand (these range from 60 - 90 minutes each)

  • Psychology based personal brand insight from the Archetype assessment process I use which can be used as a foundation later if you work with a logo or web designer, photographer, copywriter, etc. 

  • Personal Brand Roadmap to show you where and how to use your Archetypal profile insight

  • Done-for-you edits to your social media profiles based on our work together and the copy I write and you review & approve

  • Background images for your social media platforms to brand you visually

  • Detailed personal brand strategy and action plan to help you reach your goals

  • Top 10 ideas for content you can create on the LinkedIn platform to position you as a thought leader 

  • Identification of the top 5 connections to make on LinkedIn to build your network and brand

  • Follow-up session 4 - 6 weeks after your profile edits are complete to ensure you have all the tools and information you need to make sure your personal brand works for you

  • Email access to me throughout our time working together through the 4 - 6 week follow-up session so you can get answers to your questions

  • Shared recordings of our virtual sessions so you can refer to them later 

  • My 25+ years of experience in business, marketing, branding, and branding and re-branding myself throughout my own career and in my business

What Others Are Saying:
sarah gillis.jpeg

Sarah Gillis

Founder & Chief Dream Weaver

Aspire Australia

Working with Diane to uncover my personal brand was enlightening and empowering. We blew away the dust and cobwebs through a structured process to find my main archetypes, and then built our language around those. This has made me feel more confident and aligned.

Diane's knowledge and skills around Linked In have been invaluable, demystifying it and showing how to use the platform to showcase my expertise.

The icing on the cake is of course that Diane is a pleasure to work with, friendly, insightful, organised and flexible. 

The value received in Diane's package was incredible and I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to discover or uncover their personal brand and the present it to the world!

Jeannette Castaneda

Senior Account Manager

White Space Marketing Group

Personal branding isn’t only for celebrities. All professionals, and especially marketing professionals, must invest in developing and cultivating their personal brand. And, I cannot think of a better way to do that than to hire Diane Diaz to help you create a personal brand strategy. 

Working with Diane, who helps you frame your brand using archetypes, was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career this year. Diane helped me uncover the essence of my unique personal brand based on the rock-solid values that are at the core of my life and my work. Through our work together, I also learned how to concisely and confidently communicate who I am and how I can help prospective clients. 

I've been touting Diane's super powers to anyone who will listen. If you want to get clear on who you are and what you stand for -- and then use that to build a personal brand that helps you reach your professional goals -- hire Diane today!

Are you struggling to stand out from others in your industry to attract your ideal clients, jobs, or opportunities? 

Are you unsure how to leverage your online presence to help you reach your professional goals? 

Does your online presence lack the clarity, credibility, and consistency that you know you need to connect with others? 

Are you frustrated with trying to figure this out on your own? 

Get started developing clarity, credibility, and consistency for your brand so you can build trust with your audience, be seen as a thought leader, and grow your business or career. 

I look forward to working together!



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