Personal Brand Audit & Action Plan

Are you struggling to stand out from others in your industry to get that promotion or dream job? 

Are you unsure how to leverage your online presence to help you reach your professional goals?

Does your online presence lack the consistency, clarity, & credibility that you know you need to connect with others?


Are you frustrated with trying to figure this out on your own? 

As a health coach running my business in Orlando, FL, where I help clients feel better in their own bodies and live a more enjoyable life through acquiring healthier habits, I realized I needed more consistency on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms and that I needed help communicating the right message to my clients. I wanted to come across as more professional.


Diane was great in understanding the soul of my business, never forgetting who I was in the process. I felt understood and heard. After the consultation, I had great feedback about my social media profiles, what should be done to improve my social media presence, and what had to be altered in order to come across as more consistent. In addition, I also got a great elevator pitch and great review on my website copy to make it consistent with my brand.

I absolutely recommend Diane to individuals and organizations wanting to improve how consumers view their brands. She's really good in showing the side that we, as business owners, sometimes do not see so clearly, which is the client's side, their expectations, and how they perceive information.

Ana Flavia Andreazza

Entrepreneur & Health Coach

Then let's work together! I've developed this straightforward program to give you a specific action plan for creating and building a personal brand that builds trust with your audience & helps you reach your goals. 


This program includes:

  • Brand Insight Questionnaire - This short but thorough questionnaire will get you thinking about the deep stuff that makes up your personal brand. Through the questions you answer you'll tell me about your passions, motivators, pet peeves, dreams, brand values, purpose, and more. This not only serves as my guide as I review your brand presence, but also helps create clarity in your mind for what your brand stands for. You might even achieve some "ah ha" moments by completing this questionnaire!

  • Initial 30 minute chat via Zoom - During this chat we'll review your responses to the Brand Insight Questionnaire and discuss your specific goals for this brand work so that my review is done with your goals in mind.

  • Brand audit including:

    • ​Full review of:

      • ​​​Social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram

      • Website

      • Imagery - headshots, photos, etc. 

      • Blog 

    • Written report with key findings and recommendations for brand consistency and further building and conveying your clear, consistent, and credible brand 

    • Expertly crafted LinkedIn profile summary to convey your personal brand clearly and in an engaging way that supports your goals

    • Mini bios for social media profiles such as Facebook & Twitter

This package is ideal for: 

  • Recent college graduates looking to position themselves for a particular job, career, or industry

  • Professionals who want a stronger, more consistent online presence that supports their career aspirations

  • Professionals in transition who are looking to shift careers or industries and want to be seen as thought leaders in a new field

  • Entrepreneurs who want to ensure they are communicating consistent, clear, and credible messages about their personal brand to build trust with their customers and clients 

At the end of our time together you will have: 

  • Deep insight into your goals and aspirations

  • A clear understanding of areas of consistency and inconsistency for your brand

  • A written report with detailed recommendations for bringing more consistency to your brand so it builds trust with your audience

  • A written LinkedIn Summary and social media bios that position you as a thought leader and help you be found by others

  • A strategy for creating alignment in how your brand shows up in person and online

Get started developing consistency, clarity, and credibility for your brand so you can build trust with your audience, be seen as a thought leader, and grow your career. 

Complete the form below to get started. Once you complete the form, you'll be directed to PayPal to pay. Then I'll follow up by email with next steps. 

I look forward to working together!