Build Your Personal Brand Based on Your Unique Archetypal Profile

Are you a corporate professional who's working to move up in your career or industry but not sure how to stand out from the pack to attract the right opportunities?

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who knows you need to stand out from your competitors to attract your ideal clients but unsure just how to do that? 

Are you in the process of a career shift but overwhelmed with exactly where to start to position and brand yourself in a new arena?  

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I can totally relate! I've branded and rebranded myself many times.


I went from college student to new professional in market research to a corporate role as a marketing director at a national land development company.


Then, after the real estate market tanked and I was laid off, I rebranded myself as a college instructor. 


I love teaching so much that after 7 years I rebranded myself as an entrepreneur when I started my business, The Brand Teacher.  

I know how challenging it can be to know where and how to start when you're trying to stand out in your career or business. I have a unique process using what are called Archetypes that can help you define your personal brand and build a strategy for positioning it so that you attract your dream jobs or clients in a way that's unique and authentic to all that makes you YOU! 

Archetypes are the recurring patterns that show up in the stories that run through all of us. And understanding your Archetype gives you deeper insight into who you are, what drives you, and the themes present in your life so you can create authentic language and images that bring your unique personal brand to the world to attract more of the right clients, jobs, opportunities, and conversations! 

This Archetype-based program includes:​

  • Kick-off & Clarity Session via Zoom
    Prior to this session, you’ll complete my Personal Brand Insight and Inspiration Form, which will provide deep insight into your goals, motivations, passions, aspirations, values, strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and more. This insight will inform all of the strategy work that will follow. During the kick-off session we'll get clear on everything you’re hoping to accomplish with this personal brand strategy work.


  • Personal Brand Process 
    For this portion of the work you’ll complete an Archetype assessment, a simple framework using universal stories that will show us the underlying personality traits of your personal brand that you might not even realize you have. The process is a combination of one-on-one Zoom sessions (three 1-hour sessions) and homework that you’ll do separately on your own.
    The work and insights gained from this process will become part of how you brand yourself in person and online.

  • Personal Brand Audit 
    I will conduct a full review of your online personal brand presence to look for consistency against your goals, motivations, passion, aspirations, brand voice, and Archetype as well as consistency across all of the platforms where your brand shows up. The result will be actionable recommendations for building your personal brand through a variety of tools including online platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as offline methods. The audit will include a done-for-you refresh of your LinkedIn profile to optimize it so you get found on LinkedIn and increase credibility and visibility for your brand. It will also include a done-for-your refresh of your other social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that you build consistency across platforms and build credibility with your ideal audience. 


  • Personal Brand Strategy Review Session via Zoom
    Based on the Personal Brand Audit, we'll review your customized strategy for how to build your consistent personal brand across all platforms so that you build trust with your audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your space to stand out and get noticed.  


  • Follow-up Session via Zoom
    During this session we’ll review your progress in implementing the strategy. This is a great time to ask additional questions, review any new opportunities, and make any necessary adjustments to the strategy going forward. 

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What you leave the process with:

  • A clear understanding of what your personal brand stands for and how it shows up in your relationships, work, and online platforms to that it can help you reach your goals

  • Language that will help guide how you talk about yourself in person (for example, at networking events) and online (for example, on LinkedIn when connecting with others)

  • A personal mission statement that concisely conveys your brand to your audience in a way that is authentic to your life and stories

  • A LinkedIn presence that positions you as a thought leader and attracts clients, opportunities, and connections

  • Consistency across your social media platforms to build credibility for your brand

  • Confidence that your in-person and online personal brand presence will help you reach your goals