Personal Brand Strategy VIP Day

Define a focused and targeted strategy for building a personal brand that helps you attract your ideal clients, customers, or jobs so you can build a business or career you love! 

Here's what's included in your VIP Day:

  • Define who you are, what you do, and why it matters - In this intensive, hands-on virtual session we'll use your individual psychology-based Archetype assessment as a foundation to define your unique brand stories, belief statements, language, and personal brand tagline, all of which form the foundation for how you talk about yourself and your work to attract your ideal clients, customers, or jobs.

  • Build a consistent online personal brand presence  - We'll review your personal brand profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and I'll give you expert guidance and recommendations for changes you can make to your online presence to better position yourself as a thought leader, build a more consistent personal brand presence, and attract more of your ideal clients or employers. 

  • Gain confidence through coaching - In two 60 minute follow-up coaching sessions we'll do on the Zoom platform we'll review your progress with making changes to your online personal brand presence and answer any new questions or strategy needs to be sure you're comfortable with how you're building your brand online.  

This package also includes: 

  • Personal brand insight from the Archetype assessment process that can be used as a foundation later if you work with a logo or web designer, photographer, copywriter, or other creative consultant

  • Personal Brand Roadmap to show you where and how to use your Archetypal profile insight

  • Top 10 ideas for content you can create on the LinkedIn platform to position you as a thought leader 

  • Identification of the top 5 connections to make on LinkedIn to build your network and brand

  • Email access to me throughout our time working together so you can get answers to your questions

  • 90 minute follow-up session 60 days after VIP Day to review the work you've done to implement everything you learned during your VIP Day

  • Shared recordings of our virtual sessions so you can refer to them later 

  • My 25+ years of experience in business, marketing, personal branding, and branding and re-branding myself throughout my own career

What Others Are Saying:
Jena M.jpeg

Jena Mehlberg,


Sun Cheaters Tanning & Waxing 

Catalyst Salon

Diane Diaz is truly amazing! I had the pleasure of working with Diane on many projects for my business and my branding. Before working with Diane I never really understood branding and the powerful effect it could have on your business. My LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were no where close to where they needed to be to effectively showcase my business. Diane really helped me to realize that the experience my clients were having with me personally, wasn't resonating with my online presence and future clients.

After working with Diane on these things I can proudly say that my social media is perfectly on par with how I feel my business should be showcased to the work and that wouldn't have happened without Diane's hard work and brand analysis.

Working with Diane was not only beneficial for my business but also had monumental impacts on my personal life. I can now clearly see my future in the skin care industry and the importance of creating myself as a brand and how to efficiently and effectively reach my goals. Most importantly I gained who I consider a friend and ally, which is so special to me.

I couldn't say enough positive things about Diane and will continue to recommend her to my friends and acquaintances in the business world.

Get started developing clarity, credibility, and consistency for your brand so you can build trust with your audience, be seen as a thought leader, and grow your business or career. 

I look forward to working together!



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