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Your employees are one of the biggest assets for building brand awareness for your company. Think of them as walking advertisements for your brand, brand ambassadors you might call them, who are spreading the word about your company brand intentionally or unintentionally.


As a company leader, no matter your specific position, title, or level you might see yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • You have a talented team of employees but you're unsure how to help them grow to new levels within the company and possibly take on leadership roles in the future

  • You know your team members are active on social media but you're concerned they don't fully understand how their online presence impacts not only their personal brands but also the brand, mission, and vision of your company

  • Your company is growing and you need to attract top talent to stay competitive but you struggle to find engaging team development options that will help attract and retain strong team members

This is where I can help. I can deliver a personal brand workshop developed to give your team members the knowledge and tools to build and convey personal brands that not only support their professional growth into leaders but that also enhance your company's brand in the marketplace. 

Training through personal brand workshops for your team members can: 

  • Improve employee morale and retention

  • Grow your company brand network by growing your employees' networks

  • Turn your employees into stronger brand advocates for your company

  • Support the company's mission and vision

  • Prepare employees for leadership roles within the company

  • Attract top talent for your company's continued growth

Personal Branding Workshop for the team at Soliman Productions.

personal branding workshop
You Renewed Personal Branding Workshop - April 2016

Workshop content, length, modules, and activities can be customized to your group's unique needs and goals.

Workshop modules can include: 

  • Defining your unimagined possibility - that big goal that you want to achieve for your career or business!

  • Detailing smaller goals - these are those smaller steps that will get you to that bigger goal

  • Identifying your ideal audience - who you'll attract and who you'll repel to make that business or career goal a reality

  • Crafting your personal mission statement - clearly and with confidence tell your audience who you are, what you do, and why it matters to them

  • Building your personal brand roadmap - so you can create brand consistency everywhere your brand lives

What Others Are Saying:

"Personal branding is such an important part of who we are and how we are perceived as individuals and a company, and the information Diane provided has proven to be invaluable to myself, my employees, and my company. 


I would highly recommend Diane's services, both in a group setting and one-on-one, as she truly cares about reaching her audience with positive personal and professional development that is achievable through personal branding." 

Mary Anne Ferrell

President & Owner

Licensing Solutions

This workshop was a NEEDED amazingness in my life. It gave me a clear path to what I need to do both logistically and spiritually. 

Meredith Cochie

University Course Director

Excited to bring my personality and my business together authentically. This workshop helped me see the whole me - inside, outside, business.

Melanie Campbell

Virtual Assistant/


What a refreshing morning. It's such a great way to revisit my values, my goals, and create my focus plan.

Madison Wilkinson

Financial Advisor