Working in the marketing field in a variety of industries as well as teaching branding concepts at the college level, I've developed a bredth of knowledge that covers a variety of marketing and branding areas supported by a solid base of business acumen. This translates into the ability to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals define and develop their brands so that they stand out among a sea of competitors and connect with their customers on a deeper level. 

Brand Voice

How your brand is perceived by your audience can differ from how you want your brand to be perceived. In order to deliver the desired brand image you must first understand your brand's unique personality. Through defining your brand's voice I'll help you pinpoint the characteristics that define your brand so that all brand touch points speak with a consistent and clear voice in the marketplace.


Conveying a consistent message to your audience is the key to building a strong and memorable brand. But it all begins with an understanding of how your brand currently comes across in the marketplace and identifying areas of inconsistency. Through an audit of your brand touch points, including website, social media profiles/pages, printed materials, and more, I can help you identify areas that lack consistency in messaging and provide an action plan for bringing all of your brand touch points in line for a cohesive brand presence.

Brand Skills

Brand Audit

Brand Voice

Brand Storytelling

Brand Messaging

Marketing Skills

Marketing Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Customer Analysis


In today's crowded and noisy marketplace consumers tune out brands that they don't connect with. Being able to convey the emotion behind your brand through brand storytelling will help your audience to connect with your brand on a deeper and more human level. I'll help you define the emotion that runs through your brand, whether it's your business brand or your personal brand, and craft a story that connects deeply with your audience.