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My Favorite Podcasts for Personal Brand Reinvention

Hi. I’m Diane. And I’m a podcast junkie. Whew! Glad to get that off my chest and admit it to the world. And it’s 100% true! Ever since a good friend (Carol Cox I’m calling you out!) introduced me to my first podcast a couple of years ago I now can’t get enough of them. I love finding new podcasts on topics ranging from business, to self-help, to storytelling, to love, and everything in between.

I listen to a wide variety of podcasts of all different genres, but I've noticed a trend in my recent podcast choices. Many of the podcasts I listen to regularly are perfect for women 40 or over who are experiencing the life changes that often lead to them defining or redefining their personal brands. If you’re in this age range (you don’t have to fess up!) then you know that this is a time when many things in your life can be in flux. Maybe you’re in the midst of a career change where you’re looking for something more fulfilling. (If that’s you, check out my last blog post 10 Tips for Successfully Navigating Your Career Shift). Or you might have decided to start a business so you can leave the 9 to 5 and build something of your very own. Or maybe you’re on the brink of being an empty nester and you’re looking for direction on your new role in life and what that looks like.

Well, I’m here to share my favorite podcasts, in no particular order, that I truly believe will help women 40 and over who are experiencing life’s natural shifts and looking to take their personal brands in new or bigger directions. Let’s get into it.

  1. The Biz Chix Podcast - This is the very first podcast that my friend turned me onto. I started listening before I started my business back in March of 2016. But once I started my business the interviews, insight shared, and connections made in the related Facebook group, The Coop, became even more valuable to me. I used many of the episodes as training to hone my personal brand message to get it out there to my audience and connect with them on a deeper level. On this podcast, Natalie Eckdahl and her guests deliver highly relevant and immediately applicable insight, tips, tools, and strategies that will help you bring your genius to the world. And Natalie's on-air coaching calls are where the real magic happens as she helps guests work through specific issues in their businesses with her special combination of consulting and business experience and MBA education. Listen to one of Natalie's on-air coaching calls featuring yours truly where we work through defining my ideal client as I shift the focus of my business.

  2. Biz Women Rock - Katie Krimitsos, whose bubbly energy is infectious, delivers interviews on all things related to starting, building, and running your business. Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship and looking for tips from the best in the business or you’ve been in business awhile and you’re looking for new tips to take your business to the next level, this podcast has something for you. As someone who started a business at the age of 49 I found Katie’s podcast, and it’s related Facebook group, to be a great place to learn new ways of marketing myself and my message and to get support from like-minded women as I grow and evolve not only my business but also my personal brand.

  3. The Women’s Side Hustle Society - This particular podcast is very near and dear to my heart because host Gina Fresquez talks to women entrepreneurs who are building their dream businesses alongside a 9-5 job. This is exactly where I am right now! Hearing the stories, fears, successes, and mindset challenges that Gina’s multi-passionate guests face can be really empowering to any woman looking to shift her personal brand presence in the world by starting her own side hustle. So if you’re running a business on the side while working full time (if you are let's connect!) or you’re even considering it, give this podcast a listen and you’ll come away confident that it can be done.

  4. The Your Shift Matters Podcast - I really love the calming energy of host Dana Zarcone, a certified counselor and life coach, on this podcast. Dana interviews women and men who’ve had a major life change that has caused them to have to shift so that they could overcome whatever obstacle they were facing. Some of the guests’ stories are heart wrenching. But through them you can see the hope and determination that can bring someone to a much stronger place even after facing a hardship. This podcast is very relevant for women over 40 because that’s when many of life’s challenges - divorce, death of a spouse or parent, our own illness - can leave us wondering what’s next. You’ll be inspired by these stories!

  5. Your Next Chapter with Angela Raspass - Angela’s guests are women in their 40s and beyond often with stories of life changes and hardships along the journey to the next chapter of their lives. Angela’s guests talk about how these life changes have brought them to their next, and oftentimes unexpected, chapter to find even greater happiness and success than they ever thought possible. Again, it’s quite common for women over 40 to begin to see that there’s a next chapter of their story to write. And the inspirational stories of the women Angela interviews might just help you see what’s possible for the next chapter of your personal brand.

  6. Speaking Your Brand with Carol Cox - As with Belinda MJ Brown, Carol is not only one of my favorite podcasters but she’s also a friend, and perhaps the smartest person I know! I’ve known Carol for over 8 years because both of us teach at the same university and we started working there on the exact same day. I’ve always admired Carol’s intelligence and analytical thinking as well as her ability to see into someone else’s business to help them identify the core issues to be solved. In this podcast Carol doesn’t disappoint as she helps women business owners and professionals identify their core message so they can create a signature talk that literally speaks their brand. One of the reasons I love Carol’s podcast so much is probably because the work she does is so closely aligned with the work that I do helping women to define and convey their authentic personal brands in person and online to help them achieve their goals. This is something that can be particularly important for women 40 and over who may be shifting careers or starting a business for the first time. You can listen to Carol coach me as a guest on her podcast where we talk about identifying new speaking gigs as I continue to grow my business.

So, there you have it, my favorite women podcasters and why I love them. You know, when you listen to someone’s podcast regularly and you’ve been listening for awhile you begin to feel almost like you know them. I do personally know some of these women podcasters, but not all of them. But even the ones I’ve never met in person feel like they’re part of my close circle of friends and supporters because I’ve found so much value and wisdom in what they share on their podcasts.

If you’re shifting careers, building your dream business, or just looking for inspiration for your next passion project, then check out these women’s podcasts and connect with them on social media. You’ll soon feel like they’re your close circle of supportive friends, too! And if you want to go even further with defining your personal brand for a new chapter of your life, book a Personal Brand Boost Strategy Session with me today!


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