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Learn to unlock the culture code for your team, company, or clients

I don’t know about you but I’ve attended A LOT of webinars throughout my career on a variety of topics related to marketing, branding, social media, business, and everything in between. And, honestly, very few of these webinars have left me with any big “ah ha” moments or really relevant and useful takeaways that I could use to be better at my job, hone my skills, or build my business. I’ve left many a webinar feeling like I wasted my time and wishing I could get that hour back. Can you relate?! ;-)

So, how would you like to attend a webinar? LOL No, really though, I’ll be co-hosting a free webinar that is sure to leave you with some relevant and energizing takeaways. Cynthia Forstmann, from CultureTalk, and I will share with you a unique and interesting way to dig into the culture of your organization, or an organization you’re doing work with, to build content, teams, and brands. During the webinar, Unlocking the Culture Code: The connection between employees, leaders, teams and brands, you’ll learn about the not often discussed concept of Archetypes, a simple framework that uses universal stories, and how understanding the Archetypes present within people and companies can help build stronger, better functioning businesses and teams, spur greater employee satisfaction, develop more effective leaders, and more.

If you’d like to learn even more about this concept of unlocking the culture code through Archetypes, read the guest blog post I wrote about this topic on the Culture Talk website. You’ll get a better understanding of what Archetypes are and how you can apply them.

If you’re a marketing, PR, or communications practitioner or a coach, consultant, or HR professional, this webinar will help you more effectively work with individuals and companies to build stronger cultures and brands.

Join us July 11th at noon EST for one hour that you won’t regret spending on a webinar!

Register today!

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