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Does Your Brand Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk? How Inconsistency Kills Brand Trust

I love good commercials. As a brand geek nothing pleases my branding brain more than a commercial that makes me feel something. Whether it’s a good laugh, a good cry, or a connection to something bigger than myself, good commercials are music to my ears, and eyes. And sometimes they even inspire me. Take the recent Geico commercial that has been airing lately with the cowboy who walks the walk and talks the talk. If you haven’t seen it watch the YouTube video below for a quick laugh.

Now, not only do I love the very literal nature of the cowboy and how he narrates his motions, but I also love the universally applicable message that’s conveyed here - the importance of having your actions and your words communicate the same message. He’s quite literally walking the walk and talking the talk. And through this consistency he’s probably making himself a lot more credible as a threat to the bad guys. They hear what he’s saying and see his body language and they trust that he means business. (I’m pretty sure the good guy wins in this scenario!)

In the world of personal branding it’s no different. Personal brands that walk the walk and talk the talk convey more consistency and, thus, build trust more easily with their audience. And the know, like, trust factor is why people end up choosing whom they do business with.

Here’s a great example. Let’s say that you are a social media guru who promotes the benefits of using various social media platforms to promote your business and offerings. This is the message that you share whenever you go to a networking event or do a speaking engagement. And your audience seems to really love what you share. Someone who attended one of your speaking engagements thinks she wants to work with you. So she looks you up on LinkedIn to send you a connection request and, although you do have a LinkedIn profile, it’s not completely fleshed out. The experience section doesn't even mention your company, your profile image doesn’t look like you (it’s from 10 years ago), and your headline and summary section make no mention of the work you do in the social media world. So your potential client is now confused. Do you really have any experience working in social media? Would you be able to help her with her social media? Did she even land on the right LinkedIn profile? She’s not sure. In the know, like, trust process, the lack of consistency between your talk and your walk has eroded the trust that you were trying to build with your audience. What a missed opportunity.

While the Geico commercial is meant to be funny it really does drive home the importance of creating consistency throughout your brand presence. As you think about your brand presence consider the following: is it consistent across all platforms, is your online brand presence consistent with your in person presence, are there any areas that might cause confusion for your potential client or customer?

Take a close look at your brand through the lens of consistency to ensure that you’re walking the walk and talking the talk so you can build trust with your audience. And connect with me today if you need help assessing your personal brand and creating the consistency that will build trust with your audience. I love working with my clients to help them create a consistent personal brand presence that supports their professional and business goals.


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