Are you embarking on a job search but hoping nobody checks out your LinkedIn profile because it doesn't reflect you or the skills you bring to the table?

Are you looking to make a career shift and need your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new brand and attract potential employers?

Are you launching or building a business and want increase your chances of getting found online by your ideal clients or customers?

LinkedIn Profile Refresh - Done For You

Don't worry. I've got you covered. Through my done-for-you LinkedIn Strategy and Refresh you'll end up with an up-to-date LinkedIn profile that accurately reflects your personal brand and skills, establishes you as a thought leader in your industry or field, and attracts more of the right fit employers, clients, and connections so you can build your dream career or business. 

Before we ever begin building and optimizing your LinkedIn profile we'll get clarity on your goals and your personal 

  • Personal Brand Insight & Inspiration Questionnaire - This short but thorough questionnaire will get you thinking about the deep stuff that makes up your personal brand. Through the questions you answer you'll tell me about your passions, motivators, pet peeves, dreams, brand values, purpose, and more. This not only serves as my guide as I craft your LinkedIn content, but also helps create clarity in your mind for what your brand stands for. You might even achieve some "ah ha" moments by completing this questionnaire! 

  • Archetype Assessment - You'll also complete an individual Archetype assessment to uncover the underlying stories that define your personal brand's unique voice. Through this assessment you'll gain deeper insight into universal stories that define who you are and the way you show up in the world at work and in relationships. On it's own this assessment is full of information that you can apply in so many professional and business settings as you build your personal brand. We'll use it as the foundation for how we message your brand on your LinkedIn profile. 

  • Kick-off & Personal Brand Clarity Session via Zoom - During this session we'll review your responses to the Personal Brand Insight & Inspiration Questionnaire, the results of your Archetype assessment, and discuss your specific goals for your LinkedIn profile so that my review, recommendations, and copy are created with your specific goals, personality, and personal brand voice in mind.

  • LinkedIn Review, Copywriting, and Updates Including:

    • Written report with key findings and recommendations for further building and conveying your clear, consistent, and credible personal brand through your LinkedIn presence. Even though I'll be making the changes to your profile for you, you can refer back to this later to make sure any other changes you make fit with your brand goals

    • Expertly crafted LinkedIn profile summary to convey your personal brand clearly and in an engaging way that supports your goals and optimized with keywords to help you get found

    • Expertly crafted LinkedIn headline using keywords for how you want to be known and to help you get found

    • Copy for all sections of your LinkedIn profile that are relevant to you and your goals

    • Recommendations for how to use Skills Endorsements effectively and what skills to include and/or remove

    • Recommendations on LinkedIn groups to join so you can maximize exposure for your brand and build your connections

    • Any content you've created such as videos, blog posts, articles, images, etc. will be added to the appropriate sections of your profile to further support your brand and help you stand out

    • Customized LinkedIn background image that reflects your personal brand will be created for you and uploaded to your profile once approved


At the end of our time together you will have: 

  • A full report on your unique Archetypal profile that will be used to craft your LinkedIn profile and that can be used for positioning your brand on other platforms, too!

  • Deep insight into your unique personal brand voice, goals, aspirations, and passion and clarity on how your unique stories show up in and define your personal brand

  • A detailed strategy for how to build and grow your personal brand on LinkedIn to attract your ideal opportunities

  • A customized LinkedIn profile that's optimized so you stand out from others in your industry and get found in LinkedIn and Google searches

  • A customized LinkedIn background image to make your profile stand out and get noticed

  • A better understanding of how to use the features on LinkedIn to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and connect with the right people to reach your goals

This package is ideal for: 

  • Professionals who want a stronger, more consistent online presence that supports their career aspirations

  • Professionals in transition who are looking to shift careers or industries and want to be seen as thought leaders in a new field and get found by the right connections

  • Entrepreneurs who want to ensure they are communicating consistent, clear, and credible messages about their personal brand to build trust with their customers and clients 

  • Recent college graduates looking to position themselves for a particular job, career, or industry and get found by recruiters and hiring managers

Get started developing clarity, credibility, and consistency for your personal brand through your LinkedIn profile so you can build trust with your audience, be seen as a thought leader, and attract more of the right fit clients, connections, or jobs. 

Done-For-You LinkedIn Refresh - $997