Unleash the power of your personal brand . . . 

so you can be a rock star in your business or career!

This intensive 90 day strategy program begins with a discussion of your specific business or career goals. We then work together to get clear about how your audience perceives your brand, define how you want your brand to be seen, gain insight about your top personal brand attributes and leadership competencies, and develop an action plan for how your personal brand efforts in person and online can help you reach your goals. 

Ready to let your personal brand tell your unique story, build trust with your audience, and enhance your success? 

I've developed this comprehensive program to help you understand your personal brand from the outside in so you can develop a strategy to unleash your personal brand attributes, unique leadership competencies, and deeply held passions to rock your business or career!  

This program includes

  • Initial Goal Discussion - During this 30 minute Skype or Zoom chat we'll discuss your goals for your personal brand to ensure that the work that follows is done with your specific goals in mind. 

  • 360Reach Premium Account - This 45 day membership with 20 page custom report of detailed results allows us to survey your audience (friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, supervisors, mentors, clients, etc.) to determine how they see your brand and compare that to how you see your brand. It's the best way to ensure your brand comes across in a way that will reach your goals. (Learn more about 360Reach)

  • Video coaching guide for assessing your survey feedback - In this video coaching module William Arruda, the Founder of Reach Personal Branding and creator of 360Reach, takes you through your custom report so you can glean valuable insights.

  • Comprehensive Workbook - This 20-page workbook helps you record your thoughts about the feedback you received and will be used as a guide as you turn insight into action. It was designed as a fillable PDF so that you can complete it digitally or as a printed version as you review your survey results.

  • Two (2) virtual one hour coaching sessions with The Brand Teacher via Skype or Zoom

    • The first session will take place once the 360Reach survey results are complete. During this session we’ll review your results together as we walk through the accompanying workbook. We’ll discuss what you have learned from the survey process and turn that learning into action that points toward your goals. We'll also develop brand aspirations (where do you want to take your brand?) and establish and prioritize action commitments that will help you move your brand and your career or business forward.

    • The second session will take place two weeks after the first session to discuss progress on your action commitments and answer any additional questions you may have on the process, results, etc. We’ll also review the detailed recommendations from the Personal Brand Audit below.

  • Personal Brand Audit - This review of your online personal brand presence will provide you with actionable recommendations for creating consistency for your personal brand in person and online so that you build trust with your audience and move toward your goals. The personal brand audit includes: 

    • Full review of social media profiles, personal website or personal presence on company website, profile images/head shots, personal blog

    • Written report with key findings and recommendations for brand consistency and further building and conveying your clear, consistent, and authentic personal brand

  • Email access - ​You will have email access to me throughout the entire process to ensure the work goes smoothly and that you have what you need in order to get the most from this innovative program.

This deep personal brand analysis and strategy work takes place over approximately 90 days 


This package is ideal for: 

  • Executive level employees who want to be more effective leaders and/or present themselves as thought leaders in their industry

  • Professionals in upper management or director level roles looking to grow to the next level

  • Entrepreneurs who've already gained traction with their business but who want to more effectively leverage the power of their personal brands to take their businesses to the next level

  • Sales professionals who want to stand out from their competitors, make deeper connections with their customers, and improve repeat customers and referrals.

At the end of our time together you will have: 

  • A deep awareness of how you see yourself and, more importantly, how others see you

  • Insight into your personal brand strengths and weaknesses and how they impact reaching your goals 

  • An understanding of your top brand personas and leadership competencies to guide your goal setting

  • Definition of brand aspirations that will inform how you move forward to achieve your goals

  • Concrete action commitments that help turn your brand aspirations into reality and point toward your goals

  • Clear recommendations for bringing consistency, clarity and authenticity to your personal brand online

  • A strategy to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry

It's time to unleash the power of your personal brand so you can be a rock star in your business or career. 

I look forward to working together!